Sundried Tomato Pâté 180g

Elevate your culinary experience with Ta’ Mena’s Sundried Tomato Pâté (180g). Sourced from Gozo, this exquisite Pâté captures the rich, sun-soaked flavors of tomatoes cultivated with care. Perfect as a spread or dip, it’s a taste of authentic Mediterranean goodness in every bite.

Ta' Mena



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Indulge in the rich and vibrant flavors of Gozo with our tantalizing Sundried Tomato Pâté (180g) sourced from the esteemed Gozitan producer, Ta’ Mena. Crafted with the utmost care and expertise, this exquisite Pâté captures the essence of sun-soaked tomatoes that have been lovingly cultivated in Gozo’s fertile soil.

Immerse your taste buds in the robust and savory notes of sun-drenched tomatoes, artfully blended into a velvety-smooth texture. Whether you spread it on crusty bread, use it as a dip for your favorite snacks, or incorporate it into your culinary creations, our Sundried Tomato Pâté promises an unforgettable culinary experience that embodies the authenticity of Gozitan cuisine.

Elevate your meals with the distinct taste of Gozo, where tradition meets innovation in every bite. Unveil the true essence of the Mediterranean with each jar of Ta’ Mena’s Sundried Tomato Pâté, a delectable masterpiece that brings the warmth of Gozo’s sun-kissed fields directly to your table.

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Glass jar


Ta' Mena

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Gozo (Malta)

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