Green Olive Pâté 180g

Ta’ Mena presents Green Olive Pâté – a taste of the Mediterranean captured in a jar. Immerse yourself in the smooth texture and vibrant flavour of green olives, carefully crafted to elevate your culinary journey. Elevate your appetizers, entrees, and spreads with this versatile pâté, a touch of Mediterranean zest in every bite.

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Delight in the vibrant flavours of Ta’ Mena’s Green Olive Pâté, a culinary creation that captures the essence of green olives in a velvety spread. Expertly crafted, this pâté offers a taste experience that’s both invigorating and versatile.

Health Benefits: Green olives are a source of healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. This pâté brings you the goodness of olives, providing a burst of flavour that’s as wholesome as it is delightful.

Unique Taste: Ta’ Mena’s Green Olive Pâté introduces a symphony of flavours that marries the briny richness of olives with a hint of Mediterranean herbs. The smooth texture and captivating taste create a profile that’s both tangy and savoury – a true celebration of the Mediterranean’s culinary artistry.

Usage Example: Spread Green Olive Pâté on toasted baguette slices for an appetizer that’s bursting with Mediterranean goodness. Use it as a condiment for grilled meats, fish, or roasted vegetables to add a punch of savoury tang. Incorporate it into sandwiches, wraps, or pasta dishes to infuse them with the distinctive taste of green olives.

Elevate your culinary creations with Ta’ Mena’s Green Olive Pâté – a jar of Mediterranean flavours that adds depth and character to your dishes.

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Glass jar


Ta' Mena

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Gozo (Malta)

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