Fig Vinegar 37.5cl

Ta’ Mena presents Fig Vinegar – a taste fusion that encapsulates the essence of figs and the tang of vinegar. Immerse yourself in the complex flavour profile, meticulously crafted to elevate your culinary journey. Elevate your salads, entrees, and creations with this versatile vinegar, a touch of Mediterranean richness in every drop.

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Delight in the enchanting fusion of flavours with Ta’ Mena’s Fig Vinegar, a culinary masterpiece that marries the richness of figs with the tang of vinegar. Expertly crafted, this vinegar offers a taste experience that’s both intriguing and versatile.

Health Benefits: Figs are a natural source of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. This vinegar captures the essence of figs while providing a unique twist that adds depth to your culinary creations.

Unique Taste: Ta’ Mena’s Fig Vinegar introduces a symphony of tastes that balances sweetness with acidity. The deep, complex flavour profile, stemming from the melding of figs and vinegar, creates a profile that’s both rich and slightly tart – a true testament to the Mediterranean’s culinary artistry.

Usage Example: Drizzle Fig Vinegar over salads to create a dressing that’s both vibrant and sophisticated. Use it as a marinade for meats or vegetables to infuse them with a unique blend of flavours. Incorporate it into sauces, glazes, or vinaigrettes to add depth and character to your dishes.

Elevate your culinary creations with Ta’ Mena’s Fig Vinegar – a bottle of flavour alchemy that enriches your dishes with its depth and uniqueness.

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Bottle 37.5cl


Ta' Mena

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Gozo (Malta)

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